Beranda Artikel Manifestation of Acute Disease through Sustainable Deforestation

Manifestation of Acute Disease through Sustainable Deforestation

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Maisyarah Rita | DETaK

Banda Aceh– The ancient forests were a dreadful place, full of bells rattling the horror along the mountain, swallowing anyone who enters him with unfavorable intentions in silence, and scattered tales of stories about mysterious mountain guards. So the people living in the mountainous terrain give dedication to the noble nature of nature that has sufficient life on the mountain man, to an absurd but very trustworthy forest keeper. Thus more or less brief descriptions of forests and human life are commonly found in rural or mountainous lands, this is not only applicable to or found in Indonesian mountain communities, but the culture of the people and the nature of the mountains is depicted in foreign movies and animations with descriptions of things like horrors , harmony between human life with nature, respect and local knowledge born in the middle of rural society similar in Indonesia.

But today, the horror of the forest is a horror at a very different perspective. The forest is like heaven and the last living hope place amidst the frenzy of life due to extreme world climate change, forest loss is an inescapable horror, the horror response of the natural forest expressed feels more dire than the raging animal that removes the victim as sacrifice yearly beliefs of ancient “Elders” people, who are genuinely perceived as primitive ancient teachings and the beauty of the cultural value of the terms of meaning. Currently, the arid atmosphere and full of the sounds of the woodcutter machines feels more gripping, the whirring of the engine feels strangling the veins. All efforts that do not listen to nature and try to overhaul the God-formed nature will be avenged by the wild disaster wild animals that conflict to the residents of the residents due to loss of food and habitats, sad flash floods, landslides swallowing homes, clean water constraints as the main needs of life, as well as widespread disease attacks are forms of catastrophic wrath that is inevitably inevitable for human beings who are judged to be “over-bounded”.

The loss of forest, means the loss of all local wisdom of society due to greed alone. Forests are primitive local wisdom that is modernized, so that the state of awareness of the existence of forests is now recognized as a natural heritage and cultural style born by forest and mountain humans as an invaluable high asset, unique and distinctive. Throughout the history of human civilization of forests and mountains, no children born in mountainous slopes are reported to be malnourished, mountain slope children who rarely interact with the medical world and health is cured by traditional medicinal foliage natural forests actually have a well-built and healthier than urban children who are considered to have adequate health facilities. Therefore, the forest is supplied to provide all the assets contained therein for the welfare, health and peace of human origin are managed wisely and sustainably. Wisdom and sustainability of man in managing the natural judgment will be able to give birth harmony and peace of life between man and nature in the framework of local wisdom conform.

Suddenly a few decades ago, forest encroachment agents under the guise of change came to enliven the action of exploration of natural forest products under the pretext of basic modern development, hiding behind the action of the sale of forest products and enjoy the greed of God’s creation with greed without regard to the impact of “disaster wrath” who are exposed to the wizardry of development magic to a more affluent society capable of provoking a living community to preserve the ancestral values ??of nature, betraying its ancestral traditions to preserve nature, betraying also the harmony of nature-man created for so long.The disruption between nature and mankind’s most perceived impact besides natural disasters that will be sure to arrive is the turmoil of unstable climatic discomfort, climate instability leads to an increasingly worrisome food and health crisis and the emergence of new diseases that flashlight into news material. New diseases are believed to be present through the complex pathways of climate change. Deforestation, forest burning and alteration of stored carbon stocks lead to complex problems with food sufficiency (crops) and the health of the world community. Deforestation and degradation of forest lands into monocultural farmlands is also a significant reduction in the amount of forest biodiversity that has not been widely identified to date. Tropical rainforest land that is also rich in biodiversity, it is known that the pharmaceutical world of medicines about 25% comes from plant-derived materials, which generally come from local plants and forest plants, 50% of the 250,000 medicinal plants come from tropical forests , and reported only about 15% of the newly known species with the remaining 10,000 unidentified species.

Reduced areas of original forest cover that still holds many secrets and uniqueness of nature untouched by scientific knowledge must be lost. The manifestations of the acute illness, suspected to be the source of the drug through the exploration of deep scientific studies of medicinal plants in the wild through sustainable deforestation are a visible reflection that can be described for new and strange diseases that are considered to continue to innovate with the times. Reduced forest land, as well as eliminating the opportunity of raw materials for innovation of raw materials modification of the latest and complex drugs. Prepare to be besieged in the acute manifestation of an increasingly unreliable disease can not be followed. []

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